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Here at Smart Cookie Design we provide a range of creative services to help grow and support your business. From designing bespoke websites to managing your social media, we’ve got it covered! If you happen to have a specific requirement that you cant see below then just send us a message via our contact page and we’ll happily have a chat with you about what you need.

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There is nothing more our designers love doing than creating bespoke designs for our client’s websites. Our developers then love to take these designs, slice them up and turn them into fully functioning websites that are built from the ground up and tailored to your business. With a fully bespoke site your business will not only achieve a high ROI but will have a website that is built specifically for the business, sitting alongside your business mission perfectly. With a nation of tablet and mobile phone users, we build our websites fully responsive so they adapt there sizes to fit the screen size of the users device, allowing your clients to receive the best possible experience whilst navigating through your website. We also know how important it is to be found on search engines, hence why all of our code is always written with search engines in mind, keeping it clean and fully optimized.

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From designing a magazine, to your businesses marketing material, our graphic designers spend time researching what out clients require, allowing us to create designs that not only will get your message across, but across with style and creative flare. When your design is complete we can take care the whole print process for you, using our close connections to some of London’s best printers.

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Our eCommerce websites are specifically designed and coded for giving you back the highest ROI and with the emphasis of increasing your online sales. As well as being attractive to the eye, our eCommerce sites are extremely practical, packed with the latest features and technology including super fast hosting and a 128bit SSL certificate, making sure your customers payments are secure.

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As social media becomes more and more important in every business we know that you want to get the most out of it and use it to your advantage to grow your business and put it on the map! At Smart Cookie Design we offer a Social Media Management service whereby we’ll take the stress away from managing your own social media, allowing us to use our social media expertise on your businesses social presence. From increasing your followers to communicating on your behalf, we act as your business not as an external company, allowing your social media communication to fit perfectly alongside your organisation. All of our social media activity is always completed in-house and we never buy your likes and followers! The way we see it is - why would you want a bunch of fake profiles following your business knowing they are not going to actually grow your business?

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Our copywriter will turn your jotted down notes into paragraphs of enticing unique copy. Whether it's for a piece of marketing material, an advertorial or for your website, they will eloquently get across your businesses message in a sleek and simple manner. So if you're struggling to put the right words together then you need not worry, we've got that covered!

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Logo Design

Whether you’re a brand new business looking for its initial identity or you have an existing business that’s looking to freshen up its current brand we are here to help. We can create you a unique logo that sits parallel to your businesses objectives and positions your brand in the light you want to be portrayed in by your customers.

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SHOPIFY Design & development

So you’ve chosen Shopify as your ecommerce platform of choice? Well you’ve made a great decision as not only is Shopify a robust platform but it's packed with features that will really help your business succeed online! From the ability to sell unlimited products, inclusion of a 128bit SSL certificate at checkout, the ability to integrate over 70 payment gateways, and an easy to use product manager. This all contributes to making it a great eCommerce platform to use. As official Shopify Experts, we’ve worked with various online stores that use Shopify, from fashion retailers to vintage home ware to get them up and running and making the most out of there Shopify store. Whether you need a custom theme designed, an existing theme customised to your requirements, or just need someone to get you set up and ready to sell, we’ve been there and successfully done it over and over again. That’s why we have a 5 star rating on Shopify Experts and our reviews speak for themselves.


“The team really listened to what we wanted the website to be like and were helpful and patient when describing how to use it to members of our team. We would definitely recommend Smart Cookie Design to those looking to set up an online shop.”