Migrating to Shopify

We have successfully migrated clients from a host of platforms

Migrating to Shopify made easy

Migrating can seem like a very daunting process and it of course needs careful planning and execution to make sure the migration to Shopify happens smoothly. Our team have successfully migrated clients from a variety of platforms and understand all the components that make a successful migration, from taking care to evaluate your current data paths to the monitoring of data once moved over to Shopify. Our team will hand hold you through every step of the way making sure the process is quick and without error.

Gathering data and monitoring

We spend time to really get to know your data before starting any migration. We then monitor your data for over 4 weeks to make sure it is running effectively.

Migrating customers

We are able to migrate across your customers including details such as names, shipping addresses, billing addresses, telephone numbers and emails.

Migrating orders

We are able to migrate across your orders including details such as order numbers, ordered products, customer details for the order, taxes and total prices.

Migrating products

We are able to migrate across your products including details such as titles, SKUs, descriptions, photos, and weights.

We have moved clients from...

migrating to shopify

Why migrate to Shopify

No expensive upgrades or bug fixes

With Shopify you do not need to worry about expensive upgrades and fixes. Upgrades are automatic so you are always on the latest version.

A dedicated 24/7 support team

24/7 support via online chat, phone or email when you need it so you can rest assured that your backs always covered.

Scalable infrastructure

As your business grows so will your infrastructure – instantly. Whether its key sales periods or continuous growth, the platform infrastructure will respond to your needs.

SEO intact

Our migration process includes redirecting all of your old URLs to their new locations as well as your meta data. Our team will also monitor your urls for 4 weeks post launch.

Smart Cookie Design really delivered for us on our site. We moved from Magento over to Shopify and had a large complex store which they handled easily and professionally. They spent a lot of time before we fully engaged with them finding out all the details of our site, offering great advice and sensible troubleshooting wherever we could potentially encounter any issues before they became problems.

Gigi Brooks

Michael and his team were highly efficient, helpful, clear and concise with all instructions guiding us through a very smooth transition from our old wordpress platform to the shopify one. I am over the moon with the design and feel of the new site, it is exactly what I had in mind. As a bonus we bagged our first big high street client straight after the launch of the website and I have no doubt that the website helped to give the correct image we wanted to portray to larger retail clients and contributed to this success.