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Client Overview

Aria stocks an eclectic range of contemporary home furnishings, lifestyle accessories and hand-selected vintage pieces. After becoming apparent their Magento store was not performing and needed significant upgrades, they initially considered a lengthy upgrade to Magento 2.0. It was finally decided that Shopify Plus would be a better platform for their needs, giving them the reliability they desired and the ability for a much faster launch.

Magento 1 to Shopify Plus

Custom Build

Shopify POS Integration

Wishlist and Live Search

Aria homepage
Cacti in glass vases

The Challenges

Selling online and in two physical London locations had posed challenges for Aria in the past, with a variety of software needed that was now out of date and stock syncronisation not being in real time. Alongside this, having been on Magento 1 for several years and experienced challenges with maintaining the platform they desired a more inclusive platform that joined up all there business areas in one place without sacrificing the usability and design of the eCommerce store experience.

Aria home page


Our team rebuilt their eCommerce store on Shopify Plus, allowing them to take advantage of the platforms various integrations and functionality now available to them. We integrated Shopify POS for the two physical locations allowing stock across sites to be syncronised on a live basis, reducing any stock errors and making it much more easier for staff to use.

All of Arias large Magento data set was swiftly moved over to Shopify and thoroughly tested and a connector to their accounting platform was also integrated. To allow users to easily navigate the stores wide range of products, custom landing pages were developed and a multi level filter was added to increase customer usability.

Aria home page
Mobile view of Sofa Collection
Mobile view of Product page kettle
Mobile view of Aria Cart