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The British Library.

Client Overview

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and gives users access to the world’s most comprehensive research collection. As well as there physical locations and services they provide to the public, the library also retails a variety of products online, as well as selling stock in there library onsite shop.

Fast Launch

Shopify Plus

ERP Integration

Accessibility Enhancements

British Library homepage
The man with six senses book

The Challenges

The British Library was running on a bespoke platform that was causing a variety of pain points including difficulty in updating their products which were taking long periods to process and store downtime. The existing store was not user-friendly from both the customer side and also from a store management perspective too. They required a new eCommerce store that would not only keep pace with the fast-moving sector but also meet stringent accessibility requirements, giving a great experience for its wide range of users.

British Library home page


The British Library chose Smart Cookie Design in 2019 to support them in moving their online store from its bespoke platform over to Shopify Plus after a period of research into the platform. Our team supported the brand to launch their store in their 6-week turnaround requirements to fall in line with the sending of their Christmas catalog to its members.

With various areas open to improvement as well as accessibility playing a big role in the stores requirements due to the varied user base the British Library attracts, our team worked alongside the library’s team to design and build a responsive, modern but accessible online store that would reap the rewards of Shopify’s built-in functionality and give the team an easy to use platform. Accessibility was tested and adapted across the whole site to achieve a 90-100 accessibility score across any single page.

The new store was integrated with its ERP system allowing products and stock levels to stay in sync and keep data running between their warehouses, online store, and offline shop.

British Library home page
Mobile view of British Library collection page
Mobile view of British Library product page
Mobile view of British Library Cart