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Client Overview

Uniform4Kids is a family run business consisting of a group of five school uniform and sportswear retail stores in North London, supplying the uniforms of over 150 schools across the UK. As well as there physical locations, the company relies heavily on its eCommerce store during peak times of the year.

Custom Platform to Shopify

Click and Collect Integration

Custom Design

Detailed Filter System

Uniform4Kids homepage
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The Challenges

With a significant product range and their existing online store being dated and not responsive, our agency worked closely with the Uniform4Kids team to bring the vision for their new store to life. Being on a custom platform, the product data could not be exported in a required format and with orders being fulfilled from five locations, a system was needed to manage and filter orders to the correct store.

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Our team worked with Uniform4Kids to utilise the Shopify platform, allowing them to successfully launch their store ready for their peak selling season. All staff were trained on the Shopify platform, finding it significantly easier to use than their previous system, and time to fulfill items and email customers was quickly cut down, give staff the time back to focus on other things.

Detailed competitor and industry analysis were undertaken to support the design/development process and to launch a store that would support Uniform4Kids to grow further online. Their old store data was successfully migrated across through a custom migration process so that their Shopify platform had all their records in one place.

The new store made use of a detailed filtering system to make finding specific products fast and simple for customers as well as building a click and collect system for parents looking to collect their purchases from one of their five locations. Finally, an order management system was created to allow their five stores to easily manage orders coming through without crossing over.

Uniform4Kids trainers backpack
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