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If you have an ecommerce store you may have (hopefully) noticed how important it is to have the best imagery possible to represent your products and to bring your site to life. If this is all new to you then check out our past post on how to get the most out of your product photos here.

When launching a new ecommerce store we see many cases of start-ups having put a lot of effort into taking great product photos but lack non-product lifestyle photos used for banners and promotional features. For example if you are launching a swimwear brand, you may want to use some lifestyle images of the sea or a pool to represent the scene your products are used for promotional purposes as appose to just product photos. A good example of this is using an image of someone swimming.

Swimshop Banner Image

If you haven’t invested in lifestyle photos for your ecommerce store, one solution would be to use stock photo websites, which can be fantastic for finding professionally taken and hi-res photography for those without it or on a tighter budget.

We have put together a list of free stock photo sites that we think can help push your ecommerce store to standout from your competitors…

1. Unsplash

2. Pexels

3. StockSnapio

4. Picjumbo

5. Pixabay

6. Burst

7. Gratisography

8. Jay Mantri


10. Foodies Feed

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