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10 Shopify Apps To Boost Sales At Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner it seems fitting that we take a look at some of the best Shopify apps to help generate more activity on your e-commerce store. There are a host of apps you can use to get the most out of your stores Christmas period on the Shopify App store. We've hunted around and picked 10 of what we believe to be great Apps that you can easily bolt onto your store and start boosting your sales and increasing your conversion rates. During this period one thing is for sure, customers will visit various retailers looking for the right product and a good deal. These apps make sure your visitors get the prompts they need to make the purchase.

1. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Everyone loves to see that their recent purchases are eligible for free shipping and with this app you draw in more order completions and boost sales with free shipping incentives. The app is easy to setup and manage, making it appropriate for stores of all sizes.

free shipping bar

2. Free email popups by Privy

Grow your email list with high converting pop-ups and offers with bulk coupon codes. You can draw customers back to your pages as they’re about to leave the site with exit-intent logic, making it a great tool for customers over the holidays who are shopping around.

Free email popups by Privy

3. Product upsell by BOLD

Increase the amount of every sale through last minute customizable upsell offers. The Product Upsell App puts products that compliment the users current basket in front of them to increase sales. It’s especially great for products that have various add-ons available that the user may have missed or are not aware of. The app has seen an average conversion rate increase of 22%!

Product upsell by BOLD

4. Gift Wizard by GiftWizard

This Christmas increase your revenue by giving your customers the option to buy your products for friends and family with this gift-giving experience. It also includes a personalised Greetings E-card, which is perfect for the holiday season.

Gift Wizard by GiftWizard

5. Upsell on Exit & Visit by SpurIT

Boost your sales by using Upsell on Exit/Visit. Many visitors leave online stores without making a purchase. Prevent this by making an offer to customers as they leave your store without a purchase to increase sales. You can also make a special offer to someone visiting your store for the first time.

5. Upsell on Exit & Visit by SpurIT

6. Better Coupon Box by Beeketing

Three things you can expect from using Better Coupon Box: user experience, converting customers and better sales! How? With this app you’ll be able to display beautifully responsive coupon popups to convert visitors. The app includes a selection of holiday themes including a Christmas theme to boost sales throughout the holiday season.

Better Coupon Box by Beeketing

7. Product Discount by BOLD

Being one of the most popular apps on Shopify app store, Product Discount presents you with a vast range of ways to draw in more sales. In seconds you’ll be able to create sales by categories as well as an automatic sales icons on the items on sale. Don’t forget to schedule your daily/seasonal deals in the lead up to Christmas!

Product Discount by BOLD

8. RetargetAp by Ad Intelligence INC

An automated solution for running dynamic Facebook ads that will help you in re-engagr and drawing back visitors who left your store without making a purchase throughout the busy Christmas season. All you need to do is choose an ad message and set a daily budget.

RetargetAp by Ad Intelligence INC

9. Social Sharing Buttons by Zota Box

Social Sharing Buttons integrates with 10 + social accounts including Facebook, Twitter,Google Plus, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to get your visitors to market your store through their social accounts. It’s completely customizable with lots of extensions which aids you in generating more shares and follows.

Social Sharing Buttons by Zota Box

10. Fomo – Boost Sales by Fomo

Displaying the most recent orders on your storefront, this app shows prospective customers what other people have recently purchased on your store. A great way to increase purchase rates and incentivise customers this Christmas.

Fomo – Boost Sales by Fomo

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