20 Celebrity Stores Powered By Shopify

Celebrity Ecommerce on Shopify

20 Celebrity Stores Powered By Shopify

Shopify powers 600,000 online stores worldwide including stores from some of the world’s most popular celebrities and personalities. Below we have compiled a selection of the celebrity/personalities that use Shopify to power their ecommerce stores.

1. Kylie Cosmetics

by Kylie Jenner (Personality)

kylie cosmetic on Shopify

2. OVO Store (October’s Very Own)

by Drake (Musician)

Drake OVO on Shopify

3. CR7.com

by Cristiano Ronaldo (Athlete)

Cristiano Ronaldo on Shopify

4. Yeezy Supply

by Kanye West (Musician)

Kanye West on Shopify

5. Big Baller Brand

by The Ball Brothers - Lonzo, LaMelo, LiAngelo Ball (Athletes)

The Ball Brothers on Shopify

6. The Ellen Degenerous Shop

by Ellen Degeneres (Personality)

Ellen Degeneres on Shopify

7. D A S H

by Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian (Personality)

DASH on Shopify

8. Stormzy

by Stormzy (Musician)

Stormzy on Shopify

9. Tony Robbins Store

by Tony Robbins (Entrepreneur / Author / Life Coach)

Tony Robbins on Shopify

10. G-Unit

by 50 Cent (Musician / Actor)

50 Cent on Shopify

11. Diddy.com

by Diddy (Musician)

Diddy on Shopify

12. Kendall + Kylie

by Kendall & Kylie Jenner (Personality)

Kendall + Kylie on Shopify

13. Skepta Shop

by Skepta (Musician)

Skepta on Shopify

14. Maverick

by Logan Paul (YouTuber)

Logan Paul on Shopify

15. Justin Timberlake

by Justin Timberlake (Musician / Actor)

Justin Timberlake  on Shopify

16. PewDiePie

by PewDiePie (YouTuber)

PewDiePie on Shopify

17. Sidemen Clothing

by KSI (YouTuber)

KSI on Shopify

18. KKW Beauty

by Kim Kardashian (Personality)

Kim Kardashian on Shopify

19. Beyoncé

by Beyonce (Musician)

Beyonce on Shopify

20. House of Harlow 1960

by Nicole Richie (Fashion Designer / Actress / TV personality)

Nicole Richie on Shopify

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