6 Shopify Apps to Increase Google Rankings

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Google Rankings

6 Shopify Apps to Increase Google Rankings

Something we hear from retailers often is the old question of “how can I increase my stores position on Google”. Luckily for retailers powered by Shopify, there are some pretty great apps that can quickly help with your search ranking and they wont cost you the earth! Some of these are a quick click away whilst others need more of an investment of your time to get going.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite Shopify apps to help improve your SEO and visibility on Google below:

Crush Pics by Space Squirrel


Crush Pics

The smaller the file size of your images, the quicker the page will load, and load speed is a big factor in search rankings. With that in mind, compressing images to the smallest size possible will certainly impact your SEO. Alongside SEO benefits you’ll also be making browsing your store more enjoyable for customers by not making them wait for your pages to load for any longer than they need to.

To reduce image sizes on your store, we recommend the Crush Pics app by Space Squirrel who have a neat app that compresses your images without loss of quality. Not only is it easy to use, but it will compress all of your old images too and will automatically compress future images you upload.

SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios


This SEO tool adds JSON-LD to your site. JSON-LD is used by most major sites to allow Google to read the meta data of your company and products far quicker and helps support improved search rankings. The tool can update most of your pages and promises not to touch any of your original files, so none of your code is altered making it pretty risk free.

SEO Manager by Venntov


SEO Manager by Venntov

This app is a great all rounder when it comes to SEO with a host of features all in one place, many of which are exclusive to the app. The all rounder SEO app includes features such as integrated Google Search Console analytics, JSON-LD data support and advanced meta settings. With all these features you can really take control of your SEO across your whole site to improve rankings and its simple interface makes it very easy to do. As an extra bonus you can also submit your Google sitemap from the App without giving staff logins to your Webmaster. With over 1000 reviews, we think it’s worth every penny.

Ampify Me by Ampify Me


You have likely experienced Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) when you check news on your mobile, and it may be time your product pages were given the AMP treatment too. AMPs are webpages specifically built for mobile that deliver your content faster to mobile users and are favoured by Google. This app like Crush Pics will not only help your SEO but will give a more favourable experience to your customers too.

Ampify Me comes with a free version with limited functionality giving you the opportunity to try it out and see how it can work for your store.

Redirect Management by Transportr


Broken links are no good for your visitors and they also have a serious consequence on your SEO too. The Redirect Management app allows you to quickly and easily manage your redirects so broken links do not negatively impact your stores search performance. A neat feature of the app is its live tracking of 404 page errors so you can stay up to date of any broken links visitors are led too and quickly apply fixes whilst notifying Google of the fix straight from the app.

FoxDrive SEO by FoxDrive


The FoxDrive SEO app solves a really laborious task for store owners which has an important SEO benefit… image alt tags! The app boasts a straightforward ‘one click install’ and once installed you can leave it to work its magic, removing the arduous process of updating ALT tags ever again. Image ALT tags give Google and other search engines a description of your image and should not be overlooked. On top of all of that the app is completely free to use.

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