Finding The Perfect Website Designer For You


Finding The Perfect Website Designer For You

When it comes to website design some people know ‘someone’ who can do it (kind of), and some are DIY-ers, however, how many of those really know what they are doing? Many people question whether a professional website designer is worth the cost and how do you know if you are getting a reputable designer who is actually giving you your money’s worth?

The difference between a professional website designer and someone who can create a website is simple; a professional knows how to create you a website that will give you the ‘highest return on investment’ and that will achieve the goals you’ve set out for your website. They have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the quality website you require. On the other hand the latter knows simply how to create a website, and just having a website online is no longer good enough.

Whoever you decide to use to design your new website, there are various questions you can ask them to help in your decision process and to make sure you find the designer right for you.

  1. Ask them about their past experience and to see some of their portfolio. Alongside their previous work, you should also ask for testimonials too. If they’ve done work for others in your industry that’s a bonus but don’t look at it as a necessity.

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  3. Find out what they’re going to use to build your website and if they are going to code it for you or simply use a basic ‘drag and drop’ software. A website that is built and coded for your business makes all the difference! The end product will be unique and reflect your business perfectly leading to higher conversion rates.

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  5. Will your website be optimized for Google? A terribly coded website that doesn’t use the latest web standards can really impact your search engine rankings and hinder your hopes of reaching page one.

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  7. With 85% of consumers looking at websites on their smart phones or tablets, it is essential that your website is responsive on these platforms. So ask your website designer if they’re building your website with all devices in mind.

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  9. Will your website be compatible across all browsers? It’s great having a fantastic website but if it doesn’t work as it should on the latest version of Internet Explorer as well as Chrome, Firefox and Safari then you may find people aren’t experiencing the website to its fullest potential.

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We can’t talk for every designer, however Smart Cookie Design can provide you with the due care and attention your business deserves. By actually getting to know you, your business, your goals and ideas; we get an understanding of what you need from your website and the style you would like. Our websites are built with mobiles and tablets in mind, tested on various browsers to make sure your clients get the best possible experience and always built with search engines in mind.

Our knowledge is what stands us out from the crowd and the non-professionals. By hand-coding websites specifically for your business, recognising key trends and new ways to build & develop websites, we can create you something completely bespoke. None of this drag and drop malarkey.

The bottom line is that you will always find companies, friends or colleagues who can create you a website from a template that is half the cost and half the time. However, can they provide you with a personal service, attentiveness, creativity and knowledge? Knowledge to turn your investment into the highest ROI possible? After all, your website is there to help grow your business and attract new clients.

We can happily answer any questions you have so please feel free to email us at

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