Add More Functionality With Shopify Apps


An Ecommerce Masterclass Part 10 – Add More Functionality With Shopify Apps

Shopify straight out of the box is a fantastic platform to launch an ecommerce store with, which is why we use it for our clients and have used it in our own ecommerce project too. However, its important for storeowners to be assured that their websites can grow as their store grows, and that they are not limited to the core functions provided.

Well the great news is your not. Shopify has an App store filled with vetted apps that you can bolt on to your Shopify ecommerce store allowing you to add new functionality to support your stores growth as and when you need it. There are apps to help with accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales and reporting to name a few. You can check out the app store to view all the apps available here:

When building our own store as well as stores for our clients its always good to plan what apps should be integrated pre to launch and also what apps would benefit the store as it hits certain milestones in the future. We wanted to share with you three of our top recommended apps to consider when launching a store to help increase your sales from the get go.


Selling on your own ecommerce store is a great start, but you can really grow your reach to your social media followers too, turning followers into buyers. This app developed by Shopify integrates with all themes and allows you to add a micro shop within your businesses Facebook page. As well as your Facebook page followers seeing your latest posts, when they are on your Facebook page they can also easily browse your products and purchase, without ever having to leave Facebook! This makes it really simple for your Facebook followers to easily purchase your products in a hassle free way as well as regularly keeping them up to date with your latest and best selling products.

COST: Free | DEVELOPER: Shopify | LINK:

Facebook Store Shopify App


Imagine your customer adds a product to their shopping cart and believes they have everything they need. They go to checkout, and on this final checkout page a popup appears giving them an offer or recommending another product that goes hand in hand with the one they purchased. This is the exact functionality that the Product Upsell app provides. You can create different kinds of offers to show to customers at the last minute when they checkout that can really increase their cart value. For example, if a customer adds a laptop to their shopping cart, you can instantly show them an offer at checkout for a laptop case that fits their laptop. You don’t just have to show them one product either, you could show them multiple, plus give them a percentage off the extra products to support an increased conversion rate. With this app you can really increase the average value of your customers orders as well as showing customers products they may have missed.

COST: $9.99-$59.99 per month | DEVELOPER: Bold | LINK:

Product Upsell Shopify App


This is one of our favourite apps and not only is it developed in-house by Shopify its free as well! The app adds a neat review section below each of your products allowing customers to leave a review on the items they’ve purchased and rate them out of five stars. The real importance of this is that new customers can view these reviews when browsing your products and gain an increased level of trust for your company and for the products you are selling. This extra pinch of positive reinforcement can really help a visitor turn from a browser to a buyer. It’s also worth noting that all reviews left are SEO friendly and can show up on official Google search results increasing your click through rate.

COST: Free | DEVELOPER: Shopify | LINK:

Product Review Shopify App

If you already have a Shopify store or are thinking or creating one and want to know what apps can really support your business you can get in touch via our contact page. Keep checking back or follow us on twitter @smartcookieltd to stay up to date with our project.

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