The Project?

The Project

An Ecommerce Masterclass Part 1 - The Project

For years we have been an official partner of Shopify and a listed expert for the design and development of Shopify ecommerce stores. Seeing as we have been trusted by many business owners over the years to design and build Shopify stores that kick-start, support and grow there businesses online, we thought it would be fitting to present a masterclass on how to go about creating an online retail business from scratch using Shopify.

Shopify Experts

However, we won’t just be giving you lots of generic tips and ideas, as we know you see that a lot already. Instead we’ll be embarking on an adventure to create our very own online store – with a real physical product - and we’ll show you first hand what goes into setting up an ecommerce store from scratch. From coming up with a name and logo, creating a product and finding suppliers, buying a domain, setting up an online store with Shopify to hopefully selling some of our products!


We’ll start this project on the 5th of January and over the three weeks that follow we will be documenting our journey and the process of setting up our very own online store. We will be completing everything right here in the Smart Cookie Design studio, meaning you’ll get to see everything first hand with nothing hidden.

To stay up to date with our projects progress simply follow us on twitter @smartcookieltd were we’ll inform you of all the latest news. We’ll also be posting regular updates each week on our blog where you can see everything we’ve been getting up to in the week. Finally, by the 25th of January (maybe even earlier) our ecommerce store will launch and you’ll be able to see the live store fully functioning!

We hope you enjoy following us on this exciting journey and learn lots about setting up an ecommerce business.

From all the team at Smart Cookie Design

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