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Xmas Sales

This Christmas... Optimise your online store for the holiday season and increase sales

Its that time of the year again - the festive street lights are up, days are getting shorter and the mulled wine is on tap as the cold weather settles in. All of which means but one thing...consumers will be looking at how they can shop for presents without leaving their warm homes ...enter, your online store!

To help you boost sales during the Christmas holiday season we’ve compiled 5 tactics you can implement into your online ecommerce store.

1. Gifts for everyone

Ecommerce Christmas sales

A great way to showcase your Christmas products to visitors is through specialised gift categorised collections in your navigation.

These collections can be categorised by gender (such as Gifts for Men or Gifts for Women), age-group (such as Toddlers, Teenagers, and Adults), or by type (such as Gifts for Home, Gifts for the Techy and Gifts for the Traveller).

By doing this helps visitors who are unsure on what to buy, find things easier in your ecommerce store which will ultimately lead to faster decision making. This eliminates any uncertainty that visitors may have as they are now exposed to clean, simplified and easy-to-navigate categorised collections helping support increased conversions.

Within these gift sections, highlighting which of your items are the most popular amongst other consumers will also help increase the conversion rate. These suggestions can be displayed through product badges in a similar way to ‘sale’ icons..

2. The countdown is on!

Ecommerce Christmas sale countdown

Your discounted prices need to not only be inviting but also feel special to the holiday season and here for only a limited time. Consider increasing conversions by making it clear to your customers that the special offers you have on are a ‘Christmas Sale’ and will soon be finishing.

By adding a timer to your store to show how longs left in the sale gives your visitors a sense of urgency as they feel they are against the clock to make a decision on whether to buy or miss out. That fear of missing out (FOMO) can prompt users to make that decision much quicker on your store and can support increasing your Christmas revenue.

Depending on your store's available integrations, this timer can be presented on a message bar across the whole site or on specific product pages only. If you're on Shopify we recommend looking at the Countdown Cart app herefor you to try.

3. Guarantee delivery before Christmas

Ecommerce Christmas delivery

One thing everyone wants from ordering Christmas presents online is having their purchases arrive before Christmas! Offer a delivery option that will see that the order is a priority for the festive holiday and guaranteed to arrive on time. This makes people feel like they are being presented with a holiday perk and that you recognise the importance of having their items delivered ASAP. It also takes away any fear the customer may have about not receiving their items on time, especially if it's the first time they are purchasing from your ecommerce store.

4. Launch a sale

Ecommerce Christmas sales

Now, whilst this may seem like the obvious of our suggested solutions, we can assure you that there are still many stores that don’t offer attractive holiday or theme specific sales. Themed sales are fantastic at drawing in customers as they give a sense of limited time for browsing and purchasing.

However, a Christmas sale doesn’t have to always mean money off though. Have a think about if you can entice people to buy your product by offering them a free extra or perk with every purchase or by spending a minimum amount.

5. Gift Wrapping

Ecommerce Christmas Gift Wrapping

Once customers are in the checkout processes, consider adding an additional service to really show that your store recognises what time of the year it is. If you don't already offer a gift wrapping service nows the time to add it to your offering. Prices for this can vary as you see fit, but generally, this service makes customers feel as though they are saving time in finding gift packaging, whilst also increasing your average order value.

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