Is your online store encrypted and why you should care?

Is your store encrypted

Is your store encrypted and why you should care? 2019 UPDATE

With the publics increased knowledge of data breaches and security flaws in so much of the software we all use on a regular basis, data security and encryption of our information has not been more highlighted in our technological age than at present.

To be sure an online store is secure you can look out for these three signs:

  1. The stores URL is prefixed with ‘https’
  2. It should have the green padlock symbol
  3. URL bar green https
  4. A valid security certificate
  5. URL bar green padlock

The above also applies to any website that captures any personal data that is sent to a server such as enquiry forms and questionnaires. In the future there is a case that all websites will be required to have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to exist; although no date has been set for this yet.


Switching your site from standard http to secure https can be a lengthy process, and if you’ve not done this before you may want to use a reputable company to implement this on your behalf. Some factors to consider when making the switch include:

Why you should care

The benefits in making sure your site is encrypted outweigh the work and time required to make the change. The positives for your online include:

As you can see there are many positives to making the switch to 'https', but planning is required before starting the process. Although it may be a lengthy process for your business, there are certainly rewards for any ecommerce retailer that make the transition.

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