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Shopify Unite 2017 – SCD Are On Stage

This week marks the start of Shopify’s 2017 Unite conference in San Francisco.


Unite is Shopify’s yearly partner and developer conference held in the lovely San Francisco and this year is the second time it’s running. The Unite conference brings together key Shopify Partners for a two-day conference full of exclusive Shopify product launches, announcements of new features and insights into the future of Shopify.

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This year is a little more special than last year as Smart Cookie Design have not only been asked to attend the event but also speak on stage! We will be joining a select few of other experts and Shopify’s own team on the Unite stage to talk on the topic of “Maximizing Your Marketing With Any Budget” showcasing that even with a small marketing budget big impacts can be achieved. With Unite being one of the biggest ecommerce conferences of the year, with people from across the world attending to hear from Shopify and their guest speakers, we have to admit we are very excited to be on stage. Not only are we excited but it’s also a major honor for our agency as it shows that we are a trusted and knowledgeable Shopify partner who our clients can depend on to know the ins and outs of the Shopify system.

Having spoken at various ecommerce events this year already, this is by far the biggest and most highly respected so far. We’ll be keeping our Instagram account and Twitter feed up to date throughout the conference so if you want to see what we are up to make sure your following us.

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Unite gives us key information about what’s in the Shopify pipeline before anyone else hears it, which is why it’s important for our clients that we attend. Attending Unite allows us to give our clients key information that can help them grow their online ecommerce store and plan ahead for when new relevant features are released.

Not being at Unite would be a disservice to our clients who count on us to guide them through launching and migrating an online store on the Shopify platform. We want to make sure our agency is always up to speed with the latest developments putting us in the best possible position to continue to support our clients going forward.

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We will be putting together a blog post with all the key findings from the Unite 2017 conference giving our readers crucial insights from the event. Make sure you follow our Instagram and Twitter for live action from the Unite conference!

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