Why social media should be in your eCommerce marketing mix


Why social media should be in your marketing mix

Social media is a vital aspect of many eCommerce businesses these days, responsible for quickly elevating retailers sales to the next level. It doesn’t only help a business to grow but it can also boost a brands engagement with its customer base and increase recognition. These are important factors of a businesses growth and its success.

Using social media to offer customer support

Customers expect to be able to quickly reach out to brands online for support, whether it be about a faulty item or to find out more about a particular product their interested in. By being available to customers on social media platforms they're using, you can forge strong relationships with them and get them the information they need quickly, leading to a painless experience for the customer and ultimately an increased probability of conversion.

Building loyalty through social platforms

Brand loyalty continues to grow further through regular and consistent interactions with your customers. Creating and sharing valuable content with your followers can play a pivotal role for your brand, creating awareness, strengthening relationships and increasing loyalty. For example sharing new product releases to your followers first can be a great way to get your customers engaging back with your brand and quickly builds excitement for new ranges.

Use your customers content

Turn your loyal customers into brand advocates by reposting and sharing their content of your products. Customers now more than ever tag brands featured in their posts which you can then re-share. User generated content like this keeps your social activity not only more up to date but adds a genuine element to it which can quickly build more trust in your brand.

Drive sales

To be able to drive more sales through your social platforms, its firstly important to make sure you're using the right ones. Different demographics will use different platforms and if you spend all of your time marketing on Facebook when your customer base actually uses Instagram more, this will weald much less impressive results. Research is key here, and you will really need to evaluate your customers behaviour online.

One trend you should be taking advantage of on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram is buyable pins. Adding buyable pins or rich pins makes purchasing your products much simpler for customers and allows you to offer items for sale directly where your customers are browsing.

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